Frequently Asked Questions

A Womennovator creators fest is an event that brings together creators and influencers from various fields to celebrate their work, learn from each other, and network with industry professionals.

Anyone can attend Womennovator creators fest, but the event is primarily geared towards creators and influencers looking to expand their network and learn from industry experts.

Creators and influencers from a variety of industries attend these festivals. This can include YouTubers, Instagram influencers, bloggers, podcasters, and more.

Criteria: -Female Influencer/ Content Creator -10K+ Followers -You create content to bring change

Yes, anyone can nominate the creator, who fulfills the criteria.

No, it's free of cost to enter the competition.

The Womennovator Creator Fest is different from the other Fests as its final goal is to empower women influencers and creators who are changing the world by their content and their posts.


The public vote will contribute 50% to the final score, while the remaining 50% will come from the jury evaluation  

No, it does not matter whether you are from India or abroad. What matters is fulfilling the criteria.

The last date of application will be the 31st March.

There are 21 categories for which you can apply for womennovator creators fest. They are- Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Daily Vlogger, Content Writer, Fashion, Photography, Sports, Education, Travel, Beauty Fitness, Health, Music, Gaming, Food, Homepreneur, Mompreneur, 60+ Innings, Technology , Banking & Finance & Parenting and others

There will be 100 women influencers & content creators who will get awards/trophies on the stage.

The date of Womennovator creators fest is month of July 2023, Venue:-TBD

Yes you can change your creative, for that you will have to speak to our technical help on this number:- 9315854688

No but we will be happy to help you. If you need any changes, you can mail us on our mail id

The Fest aims to empower women influencers and creators who are changing the world by their content and their posts.